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Our team is filled with talented engineers, clinicians and entrepreneurs who know the sleep business inside and out. In fact, collectively, we have close to 100 years of experience in the field. So, we understand the challenges facing OSA patients, and those who care for them.

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Software Development Engineer

Respiratory Therapist

OSA Sleep Coach


The success of any company is the result of a great team and sovaSage is no exception. We strive to uphold our values in everything we do.

Customer First

Customers are the lifeblood of our organization. When we deliver our services as promised, they reward us not only with fair compensation but proactive feedback and positive references to their colleagues.


We conduct ourselves with customers, team members and our shareholders with integrity. We are unfailingly honest and direct about what we believe to be ethical and right.


Hierarchy and politics are unimportant to the sovaSage team members. We understand that positive customer results are the sole basis upon we measure our performance.


sovaSage team members are proactive, assume responsibility, and speak up if they disagree. Consensus is less important than getting it right, even if that means taking risks and learning lessons along the way.


sovaSage team members devote their full care and attention to superior quality in every task we take on. We strive for defect-free work, and when we fall short, we make sure we do not repeat mistakes.


At sovaSage, we lead, we do not follow. Our commitment to outside the box thinking helps position our customers ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving and competitive environment.

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Initial compliance is important and JeanieTM is the tool to help your patients get there. But what happens after the initial 90-day compliance period?

Join William Kaigler, Caryn Plessinger, and Andrea Hansen, on Thursday, February 8th at 2:00pm EST to find out how JeanieTM can dramatically increase patient adherence, reduce waste in CPAP mask-fitting, increase your staff’s productivity, and boost patient profitability like never before!

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