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E-commerce Organizations

Online retailers for PAP masks

Differentiate your service by offering convenient, accurate and fast fitting services.

Most PAP patients do not like their CPAP mask. The result is a 30 – 40% mask failure rate, resulting in significant costs and poor customer loyalty. There is a better way!

The average online retailer of CPAP masks guarantees satisfaction with a purchased mask, but due to the online format of this business, there is no effective way for a patient to try a mask out without creating significant waste and dissatisfaction. The average e-commerce provider of CPAP masks reports as much as a 50% exchange rate for new masks.

Alternatively, the patient is forced to just purchase the same mask that worked okay for them in the past. This, however, means that there is no optimization or adjustments. Patients use the same poor product, with poor results when there could be better options out there.


AI-based mask selection and fitting designed for e-Commerce

Increase Sales

Differentiate your service by offering the best mask for the patient using our proprietary mask fitting software, seamlessly integrated with your online store.

End-to-End Branded Integration

TherapistAssistTM can be fully integrated with your software and is THE ONLY software that uses our SmartFit technology, which separates mask selection from mask fitting, ensuring that you retain the order and sale.

Reduce Waste

The SmartFit technology has been thoroughly tested and developed over 4 years and fully vetted by DME’s across the US and the world. We consistently select and fit masks with 95% success results — the first time! That equates to less labor, less waste and happier returning customers.

Grow your sales with a differentiated service and increase repeat sales from existing customers.