TherapistAssist Jeanie Software & Compliance Management Service

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JeanieTM is the future of compliance management for obstructive sleep apnea. All content is tailored to each patient according to their equipment, prescription and individual needs.

Patrick R.
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"Jeanie™ has freed up my time, approximately eight to ten hours a week. That has allowed me, as a therapist, to focus my time on patients, seeing additional one to two setups a day."
“We use the sovaSage’s TherapistAssist JeanieTM Compliance Management service to optimize our long term patient compliance and streamline our process – from patient set up through long term therapeutic management.  Their technology is cutting edge, our patient’s like it and their team of clinicians do an excellent job with our patients.

The integration of AI based mask fitting, with the only digital sleep coach capability is a truly unique solution.”
Don C.
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"We use sovaSage TherapistAssist SmartFitTM to manage the selection and fitting for all of our new patient PAP masks. This tool has helped our team of therapists standardize their process, has significantly reduced mask exchanges and improved patient satisfaction. sovaSage has been an excellent partner by providing detailed benchmark and performance reporting which has allowed us to streamline and improve our mask inventory and patient management process."

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It’s time to change sleep apnea therapy – forever!

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Initial compliance is important and JeanieTM is the tool to help your patients get there. But what happens after the initial 90-day compliance period?

Join William Kaigler, Caryn Plessinger, and Andrea Hansen, on Thursday, February 8th at 2:00pm EST to find out how JeanieTM can dramatically increase patient adherence, reduce waste in CPAP mask-fitting, increase your staff’s productivity, and boost patient profitability like never before!

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