TherapistAssist Jeanie Software & Compliance Management Service

Say Hello to Jeanie™!

The World’s First and ONLY Virtual Sleep Coach…

JeanieTM is the future of compliance management for obstructive sleep apnea. All content is tailored to each patient according to their equipment, prescription and individual needs.

Here are a few of our features that help provide the best possible outcome for your patients:

24/7/365 Patient Support

Our TherapistAssist Jeanie™ software is the world’s first and only virtual sleep coach. This software delivers customized written and video-based content to patients on-demand, without any need for manual intervention.

Clinical Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Our team of experienced respiratory therapists and sleep coaches are licensed and available to support your patients in need. They are here to guide them through the process of becoming compliant with their Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy.

Patient Therapy Feedback

We offer a unique clinical feedback tool that is seamlessly integrated with our virtual sleep coach software. This tool is also linked to patient-specific content to enhance patient feedback. Our approach takes into account usage, leak, and event data, as well as patient goals. This enables us to encourage and guide patients towards full compliance, thereby improving their overall experience.

Proactive Outreach

Jeanie™ will automatically contact patients, and when necessary, our Respiratory Therapists (RTs) or sleep coaches will supplement this communication. We reach out to patients for various reasons, such as scheduling physician consultations, promoting therapeutic compliance, and resolving any issues that may arise.

Supply Replenishment & Optimization (leveraging TherapistAssist SmartFit™)

If a patient is unsatisfied with their mask, we have a solution. Jeanie™ will call upon our SmartFit mask fitting tool to suggest the best mask for the patient. This approach enhances the supply replenishment process by improving its user-friendliness and efficiency to an unprecedented level.

Detailed Reporting

At sovaSage, our work is rooted in data analysis. We apply this expertise to help you, our customers, by monitoring real-time refit rates, user efficiency, patient compliance, and full transparency of all patient interactions. Our team, dedicated to customer satisfaction, collaborates directly with our customers to interpret and implement process refinements based on this data.

Manufacturer Independent

At sovaSage, we offer products that are not tied to any specific manufacturer. We have created tailored content for all of the most popular masks based on each manufacturer’s guidelines. This approach provides targeted and consistent solutions to help patients address their concerns more effectively.

Branded for DME

At sovaSage, our priority is to assist our customers, who are Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers, in enhancing their service, increasing their market reach, and maintaining their profits. We achieve this by offering branded products, and we can even include your individual branch branding if needed. This personalized service becomes a representation of your business and gives you a distinct advantage over competitors in the marketplace.

It’s time to change sleep apnea therapy – forever!

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