Are you thinking about Accumulative Patient Compliance?
Learn more about this important term.

Accumulative Patient Compliance is not a term most people are familiar with, and for good reason.  

Accumulative Patient Compliance is the percent of patients who meet CMS compliance guidelines within a certain period. With the TherapistAssist Jeanie™ Software & Compliance Management Service, more than 78% our customers’ patients meet compliance by day 35.

Why is Accumulative Patient Compliance Important?

  1. The sooner that a PAP patient meets their compliance guidelines, the earlier they benefit from the clinical result of effective compliance and the more likely that they will be compliant to therapy long term.
  2. Compliant patients have a better overall experience with therapy.
  3. Higher patient satisfaction leads to market advantage and increased market share.
Why is no one else measuring Accumulative Patient Compliance?

Good question! After a patient meets their CMS compliance requirements, what happens next? For most internal programs and other 3rd party compliance services, the answer is – nothing!  In other words, when a patient meets compliance they are largely left on their own.

Jeanie™ is different! We manage the patient for the full 90 days, even if they meet their insurance requirements in the first month (as most of our customers’ patients do).  This leads to better long term adherence, more supply reorders, happier patients and more satisfied referral sources.

Experience the Jeanie™ journey.  Watch this video of a patient using our service.

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Initial compliance is important and JeanieTM is the tool to help your patients get there. But what happens after the initial 90-day compliance period?

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