Simplifying PAP therapy

sovaSage provides technology and services designed to dramatically simplify, streamline and improve the care that can be provided for obstructive sleep apnea patients. Our suite of products leverage artificial intelligence and patent-pending, mobile technology. Our solutions dramatically increase patient adherence to PAP therapy, reduce waste in CPAP mask-fitting and increase provider productivity.

Patient-centered care platform increases PAP adherence rate by more than 25% in most cases

4x Fewer Mask Failures

Reduce mask failure rates by 400%

2x Higher Productivity

Increase therapist productivity by 200% and reduce time to therapy

25%+ increase in PAP adherence rates

Increase patient compliance rates and improve customer experience

The sovaSage difference:

The TherapistAssist™️ SmartFit & Jeanie software leverages AI, computer vision, mobile technologies, combined with our world class team of coaches and therapists, to provide a comprehensive PAP patient management platform.  This unique platform, includes virtual mask fitting and the only digital PAP coach available across all major manufacturers and equipment.


Customers utilizing our compliance management, featuring the TherapistAssist Jeanie ™️ digital sleep coach regularly see a 25% increase in patient adherence at 90 days therapy.


Mask exchange rates consistently average less than 5% as compared to 22% average exchange rates using the traditional process.


More than double the number of patients that your clinicians can see by leveraging AI technology to optimally fit the patient’s mask virtually.

>300% ROI

Getting the mask right, the first time, means less waste, more efficiencies, higher patient compliance and differentiated market position. The TherapistAssistTM consistently delivers superior results and strong return on investment.

Who We Help

Durable Medical Equipment Providers

Sleep Labs and HST Providers

E-commerce Organizations

“We use the sovaSage’s TherapistAssist Jeanie™️ Compliance Management service to optimize our long term patient compliance and streamline our process – from patient set up through long term therapeutic management.  Their technology is cutting edge, our patient’s like it and their team of clinicians do an excellent job with our patients.

The integration of AI based mask fitting, with the only digital sleep coach capability is a truly unique solution.”

“We use sovaSage TherapistAssist SmartFitTM to manage the selection and fitting for all of our new patient PAP masks. This tool has helped our team of therapists standardize their process, has significantly reduced mask exchanges and improved patient satisfaction. sovaSage has been an excellent partner by providing detailed benchmark and performance reporting which has allowed us to streamline and improve our mask inventory and patient management process.”
Don Cotta
Director of Clinical Operations

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Initial compliance is important and JeanieTM is the tool to help your patients get there. But what happens after the initial 90-day compliance period?

Join William Kaigler, Caryn Plessinger, and Andrea Hansen, on Thursday, February 8th at 2:00pm EST to find out how JeanieTM can dramatically increase patient adherence, reduce waste in CPAP mask-fitting, increase your staff’s productivity, and boost patient profitability like never before!

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