When it comes to PAP Compliance, which is better: “Algorithms” or “Personal Touch”?

By: William Kaigler– CEO & Co-Founder

I think one of the most important lessons that I learned in my career that, perhaps even more important than getting the right answer is asking the right question.

When it comes to CPAP compliance services, we have noticed our competitors emphasizing their personal touch over automation / algorithms, and while we can’t blame them for trying, we respectfully would ask a different question…

What is the most effective method to manage a CPAP patient through those difficult initial months of therapy?

You see, we believe in personal touch to our core.  It is what makes us all humans and it is what helps us respond most positively to challenges.  Humans also tend to be fantastic problem solvers, something that computers are not as effective in providing – at least not yet.

Computers on the other hand (a.k.a. “algorithms”) are good at the repetitive, the mundane, and the predictable.  For example, “algorithms” can check whether a patient is using their therapy regularly, and as prescribed, and they can to that every day.  Try checking every patient, every day, for any problem.  You’ll run out of people or money (or both) very quickly.

A computer “algorithm” can also notify a human that a patient is in need of “personal touch” exactly when they need it.  Not based upon some random calendar basis, which may have been weeks past when the patient needed your help.

So here is the right question – again:

What is the most effective method to manage a CPAP patient through those difficult initial months of therapy?

And here is the right answer:

The Jeanie™ Compliance Management System is designed to monitor your patients every day, encourage positive behavior and continually educate your patients on the benefits of PAP therapy.  She also watches for issues and, when the patient is experiencing problems, she tags your clinical team (or ours if you use our platinum service) and the patient is contacted live with a timely and highly effective “personal touch” to solve their problems.

The result is that we provide the highest compliance rates in the industry and we do it at a price that you can afford.  To learn more, contact Jamie Caputo, our VP of Sales, at sales@sovasage.com.

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