Why sovaSage?

The perfect blend of technology and clinical expertise.

In a world full of “innovative solutions” choosing the right one for your patients and your business can be a daunting task. sovaSage provides the perfect blend of technology and clinical expertise designed to dramatically simplify, streamline, and improve the care that can be provided for obstructive sleep apnea patients. Our suite of products are designed with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by OSA patients and DMEs alike.

This page will guide you through a comprehensive comparison of sovaSage’s JeanieTM against other solutions in the market, highlighting our strengths on how we can empower your patients and your business. Dive in to discover why sovaSage could be the perfect fit for you.

Feature / Service


Internal or 3rd Party Solutions

Virtual Sleep

Jeanie™ Virtual Sleep coach provides 24/7/365 patient centric support

Not available


12 minimum, adapts to patient behavior and results

Generally maximum of 6 or reactive only

Continued Compliance Management

90 days, regardless of if patients meet compliance or not

Stops after compliance reached

Automated Usage Monitoring

Daily monitoring with alerts or patient communication depending on results

Calendar based and manual


Daily monitoring with alerts or patient communication depending on results

Only monitored if there is a usage issue

Virtual Mask


Not available

Facilitate Physician Appointment

Assist in scheduling, reminding and escalating to DME

Not available/limited only

(Long-Term Adherence Management)

Managed by insurance, by provider and/or by device

Not available



[fill in your experience here]
National Average = 60%

It’s time to change sleep apnea therapy – forever!

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Initial compliance is important and JeanieTM is the tool to help your patients get there. But what happens after the initial 90-day compliance period?

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